America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) is an independent, non-partisan and non-political American philanthropic foundation whose mission is to assist in strengthening a vibrant market economy and the institutions of democratic society in Bulgaria. ABF assists in the development and growth of a vibrant private sector in Bulgaria, helping the country to realize its full potential as a successful, modern European nation. ABF’s founding was made possible by the success of the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund (BAEF), an investment fund created by the United States of America, to support the development of the private sector in Bulgaria. Grants provided through ABF’s endowment will build on the legacy of goodwill and friendship that exists between the American people and the citizens of Bulgaria.

Questers is a strategic IT services provider offering a full range of services to global IT companies helping them to build and run fully dedicated teams in Eastern Europe. Our direct management approach means we take care of all HR, administration, infrastructure, security, social and employment aspects, allowing our clients and their teams to focus on what's important – delivery, while we continue to support employee engagement and performance. We are a people-oriented company and recogize that high productivity can only be achieved by motivating, developing and empowering talented people. In 2014 we were certified to work with "Investors in People"​ and awarded "Top ICT Employer"​.

Vola software is a software development company. It is based outside the capital of Bulgaria, in Vratsa – a city with a high rate of unemployment. Our social cause and responsibility are to help young people find a challenging and well-paid job in the IT sector. We believe that nowadays with advancing of technologies and internet this is possible from all around the world. The company has been 5 years in business. We have sucessfully completed more than 100 projects. Inveitix has specialized in web and mobile development and excel at a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and platforms. We can offer you end to end custom solutions and every idea goes through four steps that ensure great quality products.

VMware established its R&D representative office in Bulgaria in 2007 and has since then become one of the largest IT investors in the country employing over 1300 world class professionals from more than ten nationalities. Over the years VMware Bulgaria has transformed from a purely R&D facility to a multifunctional hub with product, revenue generating professional services and business operations teams and is now one of the three core strategic sites for VMware globally. The team has in-depth expertise in core virtualization, management and automation, availability, disaster recovery and analytics. Major milestones of the site’s development are the creation of a Professional Services Center of Excellence and an Innovation lab focused on projects in the fields of Open source, Internet of things and Machine learning.

Melon was formed in 2003 by the merger of a software and a new media company, and later WebGate, a mobile applications vendor. Melon is privately held and based in Bulgaria with offices in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and in Skopje, Macedonia. Melon provides integrated software development services that let our partners focus on sales, marketing, production, program management and else. They come from all around the world and a variety of industries (finance, technology, entertainment, etc.) or company types (start-up, corporate, SME, etc.). They take their ideas to heart, aim at being flexible and keep everyone well-informed and involved, as if we were sharing one office.Their talent spans from web to mobile, backed by UX/UI, QA and DevOps teams.

PetroffSoft is a product software company in which holds on to the quality workmanship of the projects and we value the opinion of our clients. Part of the projects we are proud of are an electronic notification system and a hotel management system, which in combination with our restaurant and warehouse modules becomes a powerful tool for managing all units in a hotel. In addition, we have a young and ambitious team, with the help of which we build individual solutions for each client.

At Dreamix, our company culture is of extreme importance, where our goals, mission and vision can be seen in everything happening around the office. We value knowledge sharing, teamwork, high expertise, proactivity and responsibility - and because our actions are always aligned with those values, we’re proud to have a retention rate of 96%. This means that our clients work with the same software engineers for the entire duration of the project, resulting in better partnership, efficiency and results.Dreamix’s knowledge sharing is a constant and extremely important practice for everyone within the company. Management gives lectures at reputable conferences all over the world, such as JaxLondon, while top performing employees teach at universities around Bulgaria in their spare time. Additionally, we regularly contribute to media around the world, such as ReadWrite, InfoQ, JaxEnter, Dev.to, SimpleProgrammer, Hackernoon, etc.

"Benevolent Friends" is a non-profit association with mission to support, assist and contribute to the implementation and development of projects in the field of science, education, sports and culture, as well as to help talented people or people in need. Our goal is to contribute to the realization of as many good initiatives as possible, because we believe that each person is a valuable resource of the community and deserves the chance to develop their potential and live with hope for the future.

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